Blogging for the blogoshere 101

Ever thought of writing a blog? Well, this post is going to teach you how to be better than the thousands of other bloggers out there. With these 9 tips to blog writing, you will blow people out of the water with a note only the writing and content but the look of your blogs will stand out too.

I am fairly new to blogging myself and this assignment from my Marketing Communications class has taught me a few new pointers that I am going to use for years to come.

The first tip to creating a blog is a compelling title, this will help intrigue your reader to continue to read your blog post.

The second tip – have a relevant lead paragraph that sums up what you are going to be talking about, there is nothing worse than starting to read something then finding out you don’t really enjoy the subject matter.

home-office-336378_960_720The third tip to a super amazing blog (because let’s face it after reading all these tips….. your
blog will be AMAZING!!!) is an image. We all have a little child inside us that loves to look at captivating photos (hopefully you pick a relevant one pertaining to your blog)

For the fourth Tip, you will want to show your reader that you have some experience or twist on writing the subject matter you have chosen to write about. For example, I have written a blog before ( this blog was my first attempt at an online styled journal, I had some followers and interested readers but life got in the way and I stopped writing. Take a peak, it’s pretty amusing and well I am the funniest person I know but I am biased…….

The fifth, sixth and seventh tips would be just as important as an image for your blog writing. When writing have short paragraphs (3-4 sentences), simple wording or have scannable bullets that are easy on your reader’s eyes and lastly shorter posts.

Tips eight and nine are optional but do support tip four (experience or twist) because if you are writing about something political, opinion based or has any weight behind it you will want to add links to your reader so they can check your work or maybe view something to help them understand what your opinion is based on. Then you will want to possibly put a discussion question on the bottom of the blog to close things out and hopefully start some interaction with your readers.

Writing blogs should be fun and I hopefully will integrate this “online journalling blog about Kim” into my weekly life. I have nothing to hid and think a global audience might enjoy my crazy, authentic and amusing sense of “Kim humour”.


Let me know what you think of this post and possibly what other things I could write about later, I am down for any suggestion….. also if you don’t comment I might have to write about my cat….. Walter Bernard Barkley (click here for his Facebook account).



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